Media coverage for City Health 2012. Name indicates conference speaker or author.

Public health focus for drugs and alcohol? Gerry Stimson, Drink and Drug News. 1 Oct 2012.

City challenge. John Ashton, Drink and Drug News. 16 Oct 2012.

Heroin Un-chic. Owen Bowden-Jones. Channel 4 News and Victoria Macdonald`s Health and Social Care Blog, 4 Oct 2012.

How e-cigarettes can reduce the harm caused by smoking. Gerry Stimson, Channel 4 News and Victoria Macdonald`s Health & Social Care Blog, 17 Oct 2012.

Boom in Party Drug Ketamine causes plague of bladder problems. Owen Bowden-Jones. The Sunday Times, 21 Oct 2012.

Clubbers ignorant of physical damage ketamine and ‘legal highs’ inflict. Owen Bowden-Jones, The Times, 23 Oct 2012.

Hugh Morris on City Health 2012, British Medical Journal (blog), 22 Oct 2012.

Local government is 'best place' for public health, says new chief. Duncan Selbie, GP magazine, 22 Oct 2012.

Drugs and alcohol spending must not lose out. Gerry Stimson, The Guardian, 23 Oct 2012.

UK drug service is ill equipped to deal with new “legal highs” taken by clubbers, conference is told. Owen Bowden-Jones, British Medical Journal, 24 Oct 2012.

iPhone app helps UK strip-club dancers know their rights. Rosie Campbell, Reuters (blog), 25 Oct 2012.

New app helps UK strip-club dancers know rights. Rosie Campbell, Reuters Newswire (English), 29 Oct 2012.

Una 'app' ayuda a bailarinas 'striptease' a conocer sus derechos. Rosie Campbell, Reuters Newswire (Spanish), 30 Oct 2012.

Bright lights and big city health problems. Various speakers, British Medical Journal, 29 Oct 2012.

Manuel Carballo: Protecting the health of Europe’s migrants. British Medical Journal (blog). 30 Oct 2012.

City Health Challenge. Duncan Selbie and various speakers, Drink and Drug News, 5 Nov 2012.

Hepatitis C could be eliminated from cities, leading specialist says. Graham Foster. GP Online, 2 Nov 2012.

Future shock. Financial Times 6 Dec 2012.

Urban ingenuity: A clean bill. Various presenters. Financial Times, 6 Dec 2012.