{videobox}lgq7pTkhb28|Mark Bellis: Public pleasure, public nuisance & public health|, FfSoBQ0s8p8|John Ashton: Future Cities and the Public Health - Lessons from the past|, UZG0bVbnEYY|David Wilson: Urban health - world health|, 3DJHSAnWJhs|Duncan Selbie: The future of public health in England|, RXPHOJt97sI|Duncan Selbie: Q A session|, pqBSlg_rC3c|Senator Larry Campbell: Changing the status quo|, miLORuVm-tc|David Wood: Pre-hospital night-time economy guidelines to manage recreational drug harm|, VeDIsCjTMTE|James Nichols: Alcohol licensing and public health|, twGiu0X0D0A|Manuel Carballo: Changing Patterns of Migration and their Implications for Urban Health Systems|, btQMPMAgV6E|Rosie Campbell: Stripping in the city: dancers' concerns, working conditions, and the regulation of sexual entertainment|, t4o4acqA5GM|Owen Bowden-Jones: New generation, new drugs, new harms - the rise and rise of club drugs|, NDncQtYiySM|Stephen Woods: Healthy cities - reducing inequalities and creating change|, rlugDSIm7RI|Mauricio Rodriguez-Munera: From the brink of collapse to rising stars...|, Q5PffUaN7zo|Jim McVeigh: City gyms and human enhancement drugs|, wcdHwyOGhV0|Carl Phillips: Cities, tobacco harm reduction and new nicotine products|, jdQZJcEqpVQ|Lily Makurah: Look back on the Olympics, Paralympics and health|, KA2NQEGpTpk|Phil Hanlon: 'Afternow' - what's next for the health of society?|, ig1iAi91pMo|Natalya Podogova: Politics, people, enterprise and smoke-free cities|, CigwCsCC9T8|Phil Hanlon: QA session|, u-eyxkgy0xo|Paulo Pertica Award Presentation to Scottish Violence Reduction Unit||break=3,pages=9{/videobox}