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The provision of free exercise equipment in parks and other urban outdoor locations: feasibility as a public health intervention.

Bates, Geoff; McCoy, Ellie; Murphy, Rebecca


The third sector’s role in building healthier and happier communities

Currie, Sarah


Urban Development and Health Promotion - A field of action for social work

Fabian, Carlo; Nieuwenboom, Wim; Käser, Nadine; Süsstrunk, Simon; Wettstein, Felix; Zumbrunn, Andrea


Public Health Centre of Telavi (PHCT)

Ghonghadze, Davit


Community involvement in raising awareness about tuberculosis amongst Somalian population.

Jansen, Niesje; Karels, Marja;
Erkens, Connie


Armenian experience in addressing needs for Safe Abortion, Contraception and HIV/VCT integrated services in urban clinics

Khachikyan, Meri Artavazd


An analysis of the relationship between sociodemographic features and complaints of bed bug infestations at the population ward level in Toronto, Canada

Morshed, Maruf;
Osoba, Tolu Andrea


A Case Study of Community-Level Intervention for Non-Communicable Diseases in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Puoane, Thandi R.; 
Oosterhoff, Pauline;
Murphy Brettell, Leah Elizabeth


“Evidence based policy planning for women and girls in poor urban areas in an indigenous context” Shillong- Meghalaya, India

Saprii, Lipekho (PHFI, India);Oosterhoff. Pauline (IDS, UK);
Albert, Sandra (PHFI, India)


Improving access to information on prevention, care, support and treatment of HIV infection, drug addiction and tuberculosis through the internet platform. Experience of Kyrgyzstan.

Toguzbaeva, Kaliia


Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) in 2025: Testing grounds: Screening and Placing within 48 hours and Regional prisons

van Koppen, Mark


Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) in 2025: Trend analysis of rising technologies

van Koppen, Mark


“Social Patrol”: Mobile Clinics Team as a means of medical and social service provision for most at risk adolescents in Ukraine.

Zharuk, Iryna; Shulga, Liudmyla; Varban, Maryna


The role of NGOs in Early TB case finding and patients support in TB treatment provision to MARPS in oblast city centers and urban villages of Ukraine

Zharuk, Iryna; Smetanina, Oksana; Shulga, Liudmyla