{videobox}MHv_ZgZokr8|City Health 2014 - what people thought|, Rk-IlhTSQJo|Manuel Carballo:Why Europe is a dying continent|, zGwywaWVIew|Manuel Carballo: Alison Chesney and Eddie Killoran Memorial Lecture|, zsyNslHt8mw|The Paolo Pertica Award|, 9rrOk2ANQPQ|Neil Quinn: Developing participatory approaches to address urban health inequalities|, Uk54dHoWyK4|Alex Feis-Bryce: Preventing violence & supporting sex workers in accessing healthcare|, -nJW6QIcsPQ|Arnoud Verhoeff - Public Health in Amsterdam - dealing with diversity|, BwVCzPCttII|Peter Hennephof - Prison health, community health|, SnkURS1ZTsw|Ingrid van Beek - Ensuring the 'undeserving' are not underserved in urban settings|, 6MJpIILZ_Ik|Annemarie Jorritsma - City Health Challenges and Prospects: the role of city leaders|, Jws-uGHlA2c|Conference Rapporteurs - Geof Gallop|, PbErc5dGrVo|Conference Rapporteurs - Fatemah Rabiee-Khan||break=3,pages=12{/videobox}