"Ensuring urban health and well-being
in the face of the global financial crisis"

City Health 2015, the fourth edition of the conference, took place at CosmoCaixa, in Barcelona, thanks to the generous support of the “la Caixa” Foundation.

This year’s theme focused on the key role that cities can play in developing and implementing initiatives to address global problems related to health and well-being. In previous editions of this conference we have examined issues of equity, equality and inclusion. Building on that experience this year we will focus on how cities, as well as being generators of problems, are also often best placed to address and solve them. The conference programme included presentations that place issues in context and will include presentations from around the world describing practical examples of policy initiatives, programmes and projects that have been implemented to tackle specific issues and the needs of different populations and groups.

As ever the conference has had a significant ‘local flavour’ reflecting the long-standing commitment of Barcelona to promoting health and well-being to its many populations. As one of Europe’s most established ports, the city has many historical links with the rest of the world and a rich cultural mix. Like many places it is experiencing the problems that have emerged on the back of economic recession, but strives to maintain the essential services and interventions, in keeping with its ‘health in all policies’ approach to government.

CHI 2015 participants said about the conference:

It was an incredibly well put together conference in terms of content.
A very thought provoking and interesting conference. Has given me a lot for thought that I can implement in my day to day work. The memorial talk from Sir Harry Burns and closing from Geoff Gallop were excellent.
Generally I was very very impressed with the whole conference. In particular Sir Harry Burns who was simply magnificent. The range of policy, research and practical was really good.
Great conference. Thought-provoking.
Great learning experience.
It was a very stimulating & well organised conference in a beautiful city & beautiful venue.
The most memorable parts were the presentation by Sir Harry Burns - fantastic and outstanding; the plenary 3 with Neil Quinn and Martin Cawley takling about their work and experience; the presentation by the Minister of Health was very interesting; keynote by David Wilson and the presentation by the WHO representative from Japan, Paul Rosenberg.
Very much enjoyed what was a really interesting and engaging conference.
Was excellent in terms of overall content, venue and hospitality.

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