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Plenary #1 - Inclusion, action and impact 

Antoni Plasència

IS Global (Spain)

Urban health, well-being and citizenship

Fatemeh Rabiee-Khan

Birmingham City University (UK)

Research, advocacy and engagement

   Plenary #2 - Influencing the urban environment 

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) Spain

Urban planning, environmental exposures and health: how can communities have an impact?

Paul Rosenberg WHO, Japan

Hidden Cities II: The WHO's Second Global Report on Urban Health


Plenary #4 - Community health in a time of austerity


Tetanya Deshko AIDS Alliance (Ukraine) Urban health and the development of interventions for key populations

Keynote #3 - ‘It’s always politics in the end…’

Geoff Gallop University of Sydney, Australia ‘It’s always politics in the end…’: Reflections on the future of urban health
   Memorial Lecture (en/ca/es)
Sir Harry Burns Centre for Health Policy, University of Strathclyde (UK)
and former Chief Medical Officer for Scotland
'Wellness: enhancing individuals' and communities' capcity and social capital'
Parallel #1 (en/ca/es)
Nathalie Mueller Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) Spain Urban and transport planning related exposures and mortality: A health impact assessment for Barcelona
Alan Farrier University of Central Lancashire (UK) Narratives and community well-being
Angela Freitas University of Coimbra (Portugal) The population health in Portuguese urban municipalities: identifying key dimensions for priority action in Lisbon Metropolitan Area
Karolina Kaminska University of Ottawa (Canada) Applying the RE-AIM Model to Asset-Based Community Health Interventions: A Multiple Case Study in Tower Hamlets, London, UK
   Parallel #2 (en)
Marta Benages Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Spain) How people-place bonds can foster pro-environmental commitments
Catalina Chamorro Diputació de Barcelona Promoting healthy places and cities. The experience of the Barcelona Provincial Council
   Parallel #3 (es)
Francisco Javier Segura Servicio de Prevencion y Promocion de la Salud del Ayuntamiento de Madrid Evaluacion de la Estrategia Gente Saludable 2010-2015
Francisco Gómez Unidad de Salud Pública del Ayuntamiento de Vitoria

El enfoque de los determinantes de
la salud en los proyectos e intervenciones locales

Parallel #4 (en/ca/es)
Ana Bocio Sanz Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya (Spain) Is our neighbourhood elderly-friendly?
Alejandro Andres Peralta  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain) Impact of three decades of energy efficiency interventions in public housing buildings on cold - related mortality in the city of Barcelona: a case-crossover analysis
Marta Vilanova SHE Foundation (Spain) The Healthy Communities Cardona 2020 Project: engagement of Cardonas'population
Parallel #5 (en)   
Bart Uitterhaegen Trimbos-instituut (Netherlands) Scocial media, urban health and well-being: substance use information and harm reduction among young people in nightlife and festival settings
Carlo Fabian University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Prevention of youth violence in social space
Michael Burns CAIR Scotland (UK) Challenging The Myth; That chaotic PWID service users do not engage with testing & treatment; Eradicating Hepatitis C Virus, A pilot testing to treatment pathway in the City of Dundee
Sarah Currie SCVO (UK) The third sector's role in building healthier and happier communities (BHHC)
 Craig Menzies Glasgow Life (UK)  Improving health by stealth
Parallel #6 (en)
David Rojas Rueda Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) Spain Comprehensive Health Impact Assessment for Active Mobility: the "PASTA" project approach
Tom Cole-Hunte Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) Spain Evaluation of the CITI-SENSE project pilot studies: lessons learned from the Empowerment Initiatives of eight international cities
Alejandra Rossetti IS Global (Spain) Healthy urban policy and planning: Good practice in healthy sustainable urban development