Visit guide Marc Moresi

(See only German)

The Dreirosen Freizeithalle is a special sociocultural centre on the bank of the river Rhein, near the German and French border, in the district of Kleinbasel. The place combines a unique variety of social, health and cultural aspects. Located in an area famous for its multi-cultural community aspects, it is a platform, meeting point and place to go for the whole local population of all ages and social backgrounds, including international business people as well as local families, refugees etc. Your visit will give you an overview on the multifaceted social aspects of the centre and its surroundings. We`d like to talk about different forms of empowerment and participation, which take place on a daily basis. Furthermore we`ll focus on explaining our experiences of the centre`s impact on the urban neighbourhood.

Arrangements: 17.00 meet at the water fountain in front of the tram stop named «Dreirosenbrücke» (Tram No. 1, 8 or 14)