Visit guides Michel Steiner and Adriana Ruzek

(See ; only German)

Public spaces in Basel are theoretically 24/7 open for everybody. Nevertheless there are more or less subtle developments focussing on displacing parts of the population, especially street drinkers, drug users, or just generally poor people. These can be political or legal interventions, but also architectural and design issues. In addition to one-to-one work with individuals, the street workers from the association «Schwarzer Peter» see it as their mission to observe, document, publicise and prevent such developments. Also we try to empower clients to participate in useful changes in public space. During the visit we will look at good and bad practices of planning and implementing changes in public space and discuss helpful forms of participation for clients and professionals.

Arrangements: 17.00 meet at tram stop «Wettsteinplatz» (Tram No. 2 or 1)