Odesa is a vibrant and multicultural city based in the South of Ukraine. Being situated on the bank of the Black Sea it is also called «A Perl of the Black Sea». Its interesting architecture, local cuisine and sandy beaches made this city popular among tourists and became an inspiration for artists.

Historically Odesa was open to the whole world. Since the time of its foundation, the city was ruled by mayors of French, Spanish and Greek origins, the architects were invited from Italy, France, Germany and Holland. They and other inhabitants of Odesa - Ukrainians, Jewish, Russians, Moldovans, Tatars, Polish, Armenians, etc. influenced not only the city style, but its traditions and culture. At the moment there are representatives from more than 130 nationalities living in Odesa. This makes the city diverse, interesting and unexpected. Inhabitants of Odesa call it gently Mother Odesa and you cannot find an odesit or odesitka (citizens of Odesa) who do not feel patriotic about their city. They may talk about it for hours.

Artists, poets, cineastes have been always inspired by Odesa. We hope, you will enjoy it as well. In addition to the conference events, the city provides a number of opportunities for tourism, which you may benefit from while making the journey to this part of the words.

There is a short MUST DO LIST:

  • visiting one of the most beautiful Opera Houses in the world
  • exploring courtyards of Odesa houses
  • seeing the sunrise on the see and spending relaxing time on the sandy beeches during the day time
  • walking/cycling/jogging on The Health Road which is 6 km long
  • clubbing in the best night clubs in Ukraine
  • buying fresh food in the most famous market «Pryvos». Take some time to bargain and interact with people who sell the food
  • eating local cuisine in nice restaurants around the city
  • going for an excursion to Odesa catacombs which keeps some interesting secrets about the city
  • walking around the city centre during the evening when you can enjoy street music and nice sea breeze.

Odesa Cuisine

Odesa cuisine was created thanks to the mixture of different cultures and nationalities. Good food is really appreciated here and it is difficult to find a bad restaurant. If you would like to try local cuisine we would recommend Dacha, Maman, Tref Cinema Cafe, Mama Kazala, Tavernetta, Kompot. For good ice-cream go to Biella Cafe. If you prefer nice street food, go to City Street Market which is at Rishelievskaya, 9А All these places you can find on

When you start planning your trip, it will be useful to download a city guide which is available in English and Russian.

City Health International 2018 will take place at The Black Sea Shevchenko Park Hotel

There is a list of hotels, which are not far from the main venue:

Reference to resources:

  • «Awesome Odesа», Gana Kopylova, Dana Pavlychko