Cities & Health journal is proud to be a journal partner for the Liverpool 2019 conference: “Learning from experience, planning for the future”. In line with the theme, we recognise the very important role the city has played in the WHO Healthy City movement, now in its 31st year.

We would like to offer all conference presenters the opportunity of turning their conference paper into a refereed journal article. Cities & Health is an international Routledge publication that seeks to link academic research, policy development and city practice. We specialise in the impact that city and neighbourhood form can have on the wider determinants of health. Visit the journal website for further information about our scope and aims. You can also find information there about the wide range of contribution types we consider.

Submissions to Cities & Health Journal

“Submissions on the following themes, consistent with the topics of City Health International conferences, would be of interest to Cities & Health:”

  • What are the important lessons from the history of spatial planning and design for urban health?
  • Economics of urban health: ‘value for money’ – how do we persuade municipalities to invest in upstream health initiatives that focus on healthier living environments?
  • What are the most effective ways to plan and evaluate spatial public health interventions and value for money?
  • Small steps, big gains - what can be done with limited resources when using an urban design approach?
  • The role of civil society activism in addressing urban health and well-being through place-making.
  • How do we ensure ‘inclusion’ in healthy urban planning?

Cities & Health explores the drivers of urban change through the lenses of health and health equity. The journal invites contributions from a broad range of disciplines, including, but not limited to:

  • urban design;
  • urban planning & architecture;
  • transport;
  • landscape;
  • city governance.

Journal website

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