Plenary one : "Public health and the public purse"9:30-11:00
Chair: Gavin Ryan (AUS)
Short welcome from Raphaela Kane, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Education, Health and Community
Jim McVeigh (UK)  Public Health - heroes, villains and others
Anita Maestri-Banks & Denise Parker (UK)  A historical perspective on Mental Health and Learning Disability: reflecting back to be able to look forward 
Constantin Rimis (MDA) How do we engage political and economic support for urban health and well-being at a local level? A case study from Moldova
#1: "Addressing negative consequences of 'our favourite drug"11:30-13:00
Chair: Paddy Costall (UK)
Dave Mackintosh (UK) Making it a 'Right Christmas' - London and its Christmas safer drinking campaign
Simon Moore (UK) Hospital as a last resort - dealing with drunkeness safely in community settings
Rebecca Bates (UK) Drink Less, Enjoy More' - evaluating a model to address problematic drinking in the night time economy
Charlotte Bigland (UK) Students like a drink' - dealing with excessive night time drinking in Liverpool
#2: "Community Initiatives - effective, low cost solutions to complex problems"11:30-13:00
Chair: Marina Braga (UKR)
Catherine  Lewis (UK) ‘Saving Lives: Reducing the Pressure’ - an initiative to detect high blood pressure in Cheshire and Merseyside through community screening 
Xenia Kuomi (UK) Peace of mind in the City' - the Dragon Cafe, a sanctuary to support mental well-being in the City of London
Lisa Jones (UK) Exploiting synergies' - lessons learnt from Fire and Rescue Service 'safe and well' checks in Merseyside and Cheshire
Issy Bray (UK)  Is 20 plenty? A public health evaluation of the 20mph speed limit policy in Bristol, UK
#3: "Art and Health"11:30-13:00
Chair: Amanda Atkinson (UK)
Sara Ronzi (UK) How can respect and social inclusion in older people be promoted in the urban context? Engaging older people living in Liverpool using visual participatory methods ‘Photovoice’

Mel Bowen (UK) Creative Recovery: ‘The Spider Project’
Elaine McNeill & John Byrne (UK)  Title to be confirmed 
Emma Murray (UK)  Resolution? Exploring the potential of ‘criminological artivism’ through socially engaged art 
#4: "Managing the environment to improve health and well-being in communities"14:00-15:30
Chair: Zia Chaudhry
Anna Dylag (PL) Renewable energy - making the case and engaging the community

Carlo Fabian (CHE) Contact with nature in childhood - effects on environmental attitudes and behavior
Nora Morocza (UK) Promoting community use and appreciation of Dandenong Creek Parklands - results of collaborative research
Patricia Leandro (DE) Environmental and urban risk factors for poverty increments in the USA: the case of Detroit
#5: Community Health Choices "Lessons Learnt"14:00-15:30
Chair: Anke van Dam (NLD)
Marcel Buster (NLD)   Learning from experiences. the heroin epidemic, harm reduction and cooperation between health services and law enforcement in Amsterdam.
Mark Whitfield & Alan McGee (UK)  A multi-agency approach to addressing drug related deaths
Nikhil Misra (UK)  The Trauma Prevention Foundation – a model of collaborative working
Anne Roseboom (NLD)  Good practice example: an integrated social support and care approach in Amsterdam
Closing session16:00-16:45
Chair: Katarzyna Kinga Kowalczyk (PL)
Paolo Pertica Award
Paolo Pertica (UK) Errare Humanum Est, Perseverare Autem Diabolicum
Ross Coomber (UK) What you 'see' is not what you get: problematising the perceived nature of the drug dealer and policy responses
Handover to next CHI host
Lunch and poster session13:00-14:00
Networking Reception17:00-19:00