Professor David Wilson

Professor David Wilson is the Global HIV/AIDS Programme Director, at the World Bank. He was previous a Professor at the University of Zimbabwe for almost 20 years and an adviser to many governments as well as many bilateral and multilateral international agencies with HIV prevention programmes he developed often cited as examples of international best practices by the World Health Organisation, and other international agencies.

Since joining the World Bank in 2003, David has worked around the world providing strategic AIDS advice to governments such as South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, India, China, Vietnam, Lebanon and Papua New Guinea. He leads the Bank’s delegations to the International AIDS Conferences, as well as at other major international meetings and events.

As AIDS Director, David is responsible for guiding and implementing the Bank’s Global AIDS strategy, focusing on four key areas: promoting effective HIV prevention strategies, especially among high-risk groups; helping countries integrate AIDS treatment and other HIV-related health services into their public health systems; harnessing the Bank’s leading expertise in social protection to develop safety nets for those most impacted by the disease, particularly widows, orphans and marginalized groups such as injecting drug users; and leading economic analysis to help countries improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their AIDS responses.