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Founded in 2012 City Health International is a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of and response to structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.

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City Health international holds an annual international conference, in a different location each year, which examines current policy and practice in relation to public health and health behaviours in cities.

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It is a seeming paradox that what makes us most stressed about cities is also what makes them so attractive: other people. Just as some neuroscientists are telling us being together makes us ill, others are proving we are hardwired to be together. Meanwhile, the Chicago neuroscientist John T Cacioppo, in his recent book Loneliness, suggests being lonely is associated with a 14% higher risk of early death – twice the death risk rate associated with obesity.

2014-02-25 |

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  • Scotland reports its lowest number of HIV diagnoses since 2003

    A report released on Tuesday by Health Protection Scotland shows that 2016 saw the lowest number of people diagnosed with HIV within Scotland since 2003. Last year, 285 people were diagnosed with HIV in Scotland. This contrasts with 6095 people diagnosed in the whole of the UK in 2015, the last year for which we have complete figures, meaning that roughly 5% of UK HIV diagnoses are in Scotland compared with roughly 10% of the population. These [...]

    2017-06-29 |


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  • ONS figures reveal worrying poverty rates in UK

    Almost one in three Britons has spent time in poverty in recent years, according to new statistics. Between 2012 and 2015, some 14.6% of people in the UK experienced one year of poverty, 7.1% two years, 4.1% three years and 4.4% four years – a total of 30.2% falling into poverty at some point over the four-year period – said the Office for National Statistics. And 4.6 million people were recorded as being in persistent poverty, with incomes [...]

    2017-06-28 |


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  • Homelessness fell 24% in three years. How did Connecticut do it?

     It’s been more than two decades since Alison Cunningham joined the effort to tackle homelessness in New Haven. To say much has changed since her work began would be an understatement. As CEO of New Haven’s oldest homeless shelter for single adults, Columbus House, she led its dramatic transformation into a modern facility in her first years. The three-story, 81-bed complex that became the shelter’s new home in 2002 stands in stark contrast [...]

    2017-06-28 |

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  • Fall in HIV among gay men could spell end for Britain's epidemic, say experts

     A big drop in the numbers of gay men becoming infected with HIV in London may signal that the Aids epidemic in Britain can be brought to a close, public health experts believe. New data from Public Health England talks about the potential elimination of HIV, revealing the first downturn in the epidemic among gay and bisexual men since it began, thanks to a combination of frequent testing of people at high risk of infection and rapid treatment [...]

    2017-06-26 |

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  • How to stop city breaks killing our cities

    Can’t wait to pack your bags and head off on holiday again? It used to be that people would look forward to a long break in summer, but now tourists have got used to regular short breaks through the year. We love to jet off to the world’s glittering cities, even if only for a day or two. The trouble is, binge travelling may be killing the places we visit. You may even have seen some “tourists go home” graffiti on your last trip, and it’s not [...]

    2017-06-26 |


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  • We’ve all heard the staggering statistics about food waste. A new study says they’re wrong.

    Say you’re a journalist, and you’ve been assigned a story about food waste. You’re on a deadline, and you need some handy numbers to put a sprawling, overwhelming issue into context. Whether you’re writing about the relationship between hunger and wasted food, the latest scrappy startups, freegans, or the trash generated by social media-induced body shame, odds are good that two factoids will find their way into your work: First, Americans [...]

    2017-06-24 |


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