City Health 2012

CH2012 logoThe first City Health International Conference - City Health 2012 - was hosted by the London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum and delivered in partnership with colleagues from Knowledge Action Change and Esprit de Bois. It was held at Guildhall, London.

CH 2012 attracted 30 high quality speakers who spoke to over 200 attendees. Feedback shows they found the two days stimulating and enjoyable, with one attendee, who had travelled from New Zealand, describing it as having “over delivered”. The conference also succeeded in breaking through many of the silos which too often constrain thinking and responses around issues that are inter-related.

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City Health 2013

CH2013 logoThe conference took place at the Glasgow Science Centre and featured a wide and varied programme of plenary (4) and parallel sessions (10). The focus of the programme was the factors that can facilitate or impede the goal of creating healthy urban populations – structural and behavioural. The topics included issues such as migration, equality in health, housing, home and health, drugs, alcohol and sexual health – including HIV in the urban context – the impact of violence, investing in the future, urban health mapping and looking at what makes for good health governance in the local, national and international context.

Speakers included academics, politicians, policy makers and practitioners, with each session designed to explore commonalities between problems identified and potential synergies in responses to them. Two-thirds of the speakers were from Scotland, 16% from other parts of the UK and 21% from other countries, including Australia, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and USA .

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City Health 2014

CH2014 logoThis third International City Health Conference, hosted by AIDS Foundation East-West (AFEW), organised by Knowledge•Action•Change, took place over two days, at the Casa 400 Hotel, in Amsterdam, on 3rd and 4th November 2014.

The city of Amsterdam has a rich cultural history and today is home to vibrant, diverse communities. The city also boasts a proud tradition of innovation in public health, demonstrating the importance and effectiveness of city-level initiatives and interventions, to meet the needs of its citizens and visitors.

The conference built on the achievements of previous City Health events and the programme examined how cities around the globe respond to changing populations and adapt to changing health behaviours, to ensure and promote health and wellbeing to reflect diverse groups and cultures.

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CHI 2015

CHI2015 LOGO 100pxCity Health 2015, the fourth edition of the conference, took place at CosmoCaixa, in Barcelona, thanks to the generous support of the “la Caixa” Foundation.

2015 theme focused on the key role that cities can play in developing and implementing initiatives to address global problems related to health and well-being. In previous editions of this conference we have examined issues of equity, equality and inclusion. Building on that experience this year we will focus on how cities, as well as being generators of problems, are also often best placed to address and solve them. The conference programme included presentations that place issues in context and will include presentations from around the world describing practical examples of policy initiatives, programmes and projects that have been implemented to tackle specific issues and the needs of different populations and groups.

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chi 2016City Health 2016, the fifth edition of the conference, took place at the heart of the City of London - the historic Guildhall.

2015 theme focused on on the role of cities and how they can and should respond to and manage the needs of their communities, to ensure health and well-being are at the centre of policy and planning, in terms of the structures, services and support available. At all times the process being informed and underpinned by a thorough examination of the available evidence. The conference has earned a reputation for high quality speakers, including contributions from politicians, leading thinkers in the field of urban health and well-being, those who develop and provide interventions and services and community and consumer advocates and activists.

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