We are pleased to announce that the 11th City Health 2021 conference will take place 29-30 November in Warsaw, Poland.

Hopes, Fears and Opportunities - What has the pandemic taught us about meeting the health needs of vulnerable populations?
What have we learnt about supporting vulnerable populations during a period of crisis? Since the Pandemic began we have seen examples of what can be achieved when political will and resources are combined. There have also been cases where a failure by government or agencies to respond has resulted in avoidable tragedies. As attention shifts to focussing on the economic recovery what can be done to help those vulnerable groups who are at risk of being left even further behind. What lessons can we draw from recent experience? Where are the opportunities to transform lives and communities? What new risks do these groups face?

Certainly, there is no shortage of topics or learning to share relating to the last year and the very clear challenges ahead of us. The importance of more effective collaboration, maximisation of available resources and improved public engagement are all evident. We will be in touch soon regarding themes and abstracts for the conference. Registration will open early in the summer.

Due to the ongoing Covid situation the travel situation remains dynamic, and this may prevent some people from participating live. For that reason we will also be streaming the event, to ensure that nobody misses out and to maximise participation.