Covidopolis: urban health and harm reduction in a time of the 'new normal'

We are pleased to announce that the 11th City Health International Conference will take place 15-16 June 2021 in Warsaw.

The theme for the conference will be ‘Covidopolis: urban health and harm reduction in a time of the new normal’ The world has changed, and we are now in what is often described as a ‘new normal’. The conference programme will focus on what this means, and the lessons learnt during the pandemic, as well as examples of innovative responses to assist communities - in particular vulnerable populations and those at risk.

We are now seeking abstracts for inclusion in the programme. These can be for oral and poster presentations, or proposals for an entire session. Some examples of topics are:

  • lessons learnt from responses to the pandemic;
  • the resilience of urban communities, taking opportunities provided to deliver effective and pragmatic responses;
  • challenges responding to lockdowns and disruption to existing service provision
  • ‘thinking outside the box’ – shifting priorities and radical responses in service delivery
  • Engaging vulnerable and at-risk populations in designing and delivering responses

Of particular interest are examples of multi-agency co-operation and positive community engagement. The list of topics is not exhaustive and, acknowledging the unprecedented times we live in, we welcome particularly novel solutions to urban challenges this has presented.