City Health International


prof. Carlo Fabian

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland

prof. Jim McVeigh

Manchester Metropolitan University

prof. Joanna Gotlib

Medical University of Warsaw

prof. Tomasz Zarycki

University of Warsaw

dr. Katarzyna Kinga Kowalczyk

Global Public Health Network

Marina Braga

Public Health consultant
City Health International
Founded in 2012 City Health International is a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of and response to structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.
For the first time in history the majority of the world’s population now live in urban environments and the proportion continues to grow. As national governments struggle to deal with the pressures and demands of growing urban populations against a backdrop of financial deficits and uncertainty, it is increasingly left to those working at a city level to provide the leadership and support needed to tackle key health issues.