• Zambia: HIV Mandatory Testing Supported

    Stakeholders have hailed President Edgar Lungu for directing that HIV/AIDS testing now be mandatory in all public health institutions. The Zambia National Blood Transfusion Services (ZNBTS) said the mandatory test was a brilliant move that would help people know their status and begin treatment early to lessen the disease burden. ZNBTS medical director Joseph Mulenga said the move would reduce HIV stigma and also help people who test positive [...]

    2017-08-22 |


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  • How poverty spreads across Belarus

    Perhaps one of Lukashenka’s greatest achievements in Belarusian society has been his fight against poverty. In the worst years of the 1990s, half of the population of Belarus was languishing below the poverty line. This figure is now 10 times smaller. However, poverty is once again on the rise. In some regions, the average worker earns just $100 per month, barely over the Belarusian poverty line (around $90). The main reason people end up below [...]

    2017-08-21 |


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  • Australia : E-cig ban may be responsible for increased smoking rates

    Smoking rates in Australia have risen by over 21,000 to 2.4 million between 2013 and 2016. “For the first time ever, there has been no statistically significant reduction in the smoking rate, and an increase in the number of smokers in Australia,” said Colin Mendelsohn, an expert in public health at the University of New South Wales whilst pointing out that for the first time, the smoking rates in Australia have exceeded those in the US. “This is [...]

    2017-08-20 |


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  • Food for thought: Government agencies are joining private initiatives to tackle the growing problem of food waste in Japan

    Consumers, retailers and businesses nationwide throw away millions of tons of food each year, with waste ultimately affecting profit levels and keeping officials up at night. Food loss can happen at any stage in the production process, whether it be harvesting, processing, retailing or consumption. It’s a global problem, with the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimating that as much as 1.3 billion tons, or one-third of all food made for [...]

    2017-08-19 |


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  • Fresh lessons: Farmers markets help kids make healthy food choices

    We’ve all heard the story about the elementary teacher who asks her students, “Who can tell me where milk comes from?” and little voices call out, “Wegmans!” More parents are heading to farmers markets not just to educate their kids about farm animals but to teach important family values about healthy eating, supporting small farmers, helping the environment and — especially in Rochester— building community. In this area, we’re fortunate to have [...]

    2017-08-18 |


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  • New robots to help dementia sufferers

    Researchers have found the use of social robots can increase the quality of life for people living with dementia. Dementia is a debilitating condition that affects over 48 million people worldwide, with over 380,000 of them in Australia. It is incurable, and sufferers experience a gradual decline in memory. But, Griffith University has found the use of Japanese-built robots, which look like fluffy baby seals, can help dementia sufferers with [...]

    2017-08-17 |


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  • Opinion: Drug-checking services could help prevent overdoses

    In recent years across B.C., a public-health tragedy has resulted in thousands of preventable deaths from street drugs containing powerful opioids such as fentanyl or its analogs.bToxicity from adulteration has occurred not just in the heroin supply, but also in stimulants, club drugs and counterfeit pills. Border agents and police have tried to reduce or disrupt the supply, but they have had little success in stemming the tide of illicit drug [...]

    2017-08-15 |

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  • Mobile Syringe Exchange Serves People Where They Are

    On Wednesday afternoons, Michael Page and Hyun Namkoong load up a gray, nondescript minivan with short and long syringes, cotton balls, alcohol swabs, tourniquets, hazardous waste disposal cups, condoms, water bottles, granola bars and doses of an overdose reversal drug called naloxone. Mike Page at the NCHRC Wilmington office making calls to people who might need a visit from the mobile syringe exchange. “We got DJ down here, and got your guy [...]

    2017-08-16 |

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  • Just say 'know' to drugs: can testing facilities make festivals safer?

    For the first time, people going to BoomTown this weekend will be able to find out what’s in the drugs they plan to take, by getting them tested by non-profit organisation The Loop. Front of house drugs safety testing, or Multi Agency Safety Testing (MAST), was first offered by The Loop at Secret Garden Party and Kendal Calling in 2016. This was such a success that they have been invited to provide their service at a number of festivals this year [...]

    2017-08-14 |


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  • How Smart Cities Fight Rats

    It used to be said that there was one rat for every person in New York City. If that were true, there would be as many as 8.6 million beady-eyed rodents lurking in the streets, alleys, and tunnels of Gotham. That claim has been debunked, but good luck finding comfort in the more modern estimate that New York is a city of a mere 2 million rats. The thing is, no one really knows how many rats there are. Not in New York City, nor Washington, D.C.[...]

    2017-08-13 |


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  • Tech, Alcohol And Ageism On The Minds Of Top Aging Experts

    Late last month, more than 6,000 professionals in gerontology and geriatrics convened in San Francisco for the IAGG World Congress, an event that occurs every four years and brings together representatives from disciplines such as medicine, nursing and social science, to address the latest ideas to improve the quality of life for older adults. (IAGG stands for International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics.) I was there representing the [...]

    2017-08-12 |


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  • Free HIV test kit machine hits gay saunas in Britain

    There are over 100,000 people living with HIV in Britain. More than half are gay or bisexual men. Although HIV cannot be cured, an early diagnosis can allow patients to live fulfilling lives for many years. That’s why, in a bid to improve the nation’s health, high-tech HIV testing points are now being dropped into the communities that need them most. That means you can now walk into Brighton Sauna at any time of day or night and complete an HIV [...]

    2017-08-11 |


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