• People more likely to binge drink in colder countries, study finds

    Alcohol consumption is higher in colder countries with less sunlight, a new study has found. The research, carried out by the Pittsburgh Liver Research Centre in the US, revealed people living in chillier climates were more likely to binge drink. Britain was named among the countries which showed high levels of heavy drinking and low numbers of sunlight hours. Examining data from 193 countries, evidence showed climate contributed to a higher [...]

    2018-11-21 |


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  • Poverty and ill health: the ugly bedfellows blighting millions of lives

    Deprivation is robbing people of years of good health from their 30s onwards, driving people out of work and reinforcing poverty as they head towards retirement age. A huge new study by the Health Foundation shows the impact, as poverty piles pressure on NHS services. More than 14 million people in England now have more than one health condition: this detailed study of 300,000 people with multiple health conditions reveals that people living in [...]

    2018-11-18 |


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  • Why This Scottish City Is Known as the 'Drug Death Capital of Europe'

    I arrive in Dundee, Scotland the same weekend as the opening of the Victoria and Albert museum, the multi-million dollar centerpiece to the city's ambitious program of arts-led regeneration. There's a buzz in the air—museum fever or the beginning of school for college freshman, it's hard to say—but amid that buzz, there is a tragedy going on in this city. Last year there were 934 drug-related deaths recorded in Scotland, the highest number [...]

    2018-11-13 |


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  • Egypt is building a brand new capital. Brasília highlights the dangers

    Egypt is the latest country to build a new capital city from scratch, with ambitions to move parliament away from Cairo as early as summer 2019. With nearly 24m people living in Greater Metropolitan Cairo, the current Egyptian capital suffers from severe congestion and overcrowding – problems which the government claims the new capital will resolve. Egypt joins more than 30 countries or regional states, which have relocated their seats of power [...]

    2018-11-09 |

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  • How is rising air pollution affecting our brains?

    Breathing in dirty air has been conclusively linked to both heart and lung problems, and the consensus is that pollution is, to say the least, bad for us. Around 7m people die from exposure to fine particles in polluted air every year. These particles enter the lungs and cardiovascular system, causing heart disease, lung cancer, respiratory infections and strokes. But new research has suggested dirty air may also be affecting our brains [...]

    2018-11-04 |


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  • Naloxone: preventing overdose on release from custody

    A free e-learning course is a product of an EU project “My first 48 hours out – comprehensive approaches to pre and post-prison release interventions for drug users in the criminal justice system”. This three-weeks online course, starting November 12, gives participants the opportunity to analyse key aspects of drug-related deaths provision upon release from prison and other custodial settings, learn how to prevent an opiate overdose and explains what to do in the case of witnessing an opiate overdose.

    2018-10-31 |


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  • Extreme poverty: Special measures or solved by growth?

    In material development terms Bangladesh has changed a lot, and has made much progress since I first arrived just over 44 years ago. It has been a remarkable story of institutional innovation, significant globally as well as for millions of poor people in the country. The indicators of this progress are well known and herald a transition into middle income country status. Yet there remains significant, enduring poverty in the country, including [...]

    2018-10-28 |


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  • Hong Kong’s elderly carers are at a ‘high risk’ of physical and mental health problems, survey finds

    Call for more government support after study shows that many people caring for the elderly in Hong Kong are faced with a heavy physical and emotional burden. A quarter of carers for the elderly in Hong Kong are at a “high risk” of having physical and mental issues, and many are also ageing themselves, according to a survey released on Thursday. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, which conducted the research with the University of [...]

    2018-10-25 |


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  • Learning With: ‘Homelessness in New York Public Schools Is at a Record High: 114,659 Students’

    Tonight, about one out of every 10 students in New York City will sleep in a homeless shelter or in the homes of relatives. That’s more children than at any other time since city records have been kept. In the morning, those same children will fan out across the city to go to school, some crossing multiple boroughs to get there. Last year, the number of city students in temporary housing topped 100,000 for the third consecutive year, according [...]

    2018-10-22 |


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  • Teenaged girls did not engage in riskier sexual behavior after HPV vaccination introduced in school

    Despite fears to the contrary, sexual behaviours of adolescent girls stayed the same or became safer after publicly funded school-based HPV vaccinations were introduced in British Columbia (BC), according to new research published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Some groups have been concerned that HPV vaccination could encourage early sexual activity, unprotected sex and other risky sexual behaviours. "The HPV vaccine [...]
    2018-10-17 |


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  • No poverty

    An estimated 766 million people, or 10.7 percent of the world’s population, lived in extreme poverty in 2013. In 2012 the extreme poverty rate stood at 12.4 percent globally, and over the year the number of people living below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day fell by 114 million. Goal 1 aims to end poverty in all its forms by 2030. It also seeks to ensure social protection for poor and vulnerable people, to increase access to basic [...]

    2018-10-15 |


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  • A City That Takes Climate Change Seriously: Paris

    The schoolyard of Paris’s Avenue Daumesnil École Maternelle doesn’t look like the site of a revolution: It’s the modest play space of a state-run kindergarten. But look closer. The yard has just been subtly remodeled to make it better able to tolerate a hotter, wetter world. Over the summer break, its conventional impermeable concrete surfaces were ripped up and replaced with a porous sub-layer that can act as a sponge for stormwater. Over this [...]

    2018-10-14 |

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