• Child health and wellbeing in UK falling behind other OECD nations

    Health outcomes for babies and young children in the UK are stalling in key areas including infant mortality and immunisation levels, and lagging behind most other high-income countries on mortality, breastfeeding and obesity rates, according to the first international analysis of British children’s health outcomes over time. Separately, figures published by the Office for National Statistics have revealed that infant mortality rose from 2.6 [...]

    2018-03-21 |


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  • Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Vaccinating Against Poverty

    A new study shows that developing countries could reduce poverty by targeting higher vaccination rates in poorer and more marginalized communities. Moreover, by making affordable, quality health care available to everyone, regardless of their income, immunization programs are an important step toward universal health-care coverage. GENEVA – For most people, the choice between a life-threatening disease and a lifetime of crippling debt is no [...]

    2018-03-19 |


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  • China 'winning' war on smog, helping life expectancy: study

    China appears to be "winning" its war on air pollution, making so much progress that life expectancy could rise by more than two years, according to a US university study. The Chinese government has been waging a battle to clear its skies of smog that has cut life expectancy in some regions and prompted its citizens to buy masks and air purifiers to protect themselves during peak pollution days. The University of Chicago says in its study released [...]

    2018-03-18 |

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  • Why mental health treatment is not an easy solution to violence

    In the wake of mass shootings and other tragedies, a frequent refrain is: Why don’t we get those dangerous people off the streets? And, just as frequently, people suggest that mental health treatment is the answer. Yet, for two main reasons, mental health treatment is not an easy solution to violence. The process of treating mental illness is difficult and complicated. More importantly, the vast majority of people with mental illnesses are not [...]

    2018-03-14 |


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  • Do Two-Way Streets Help a City's Economy?

    Urbanists and city planners have been on a crusade against one-way streets for years. Around the country, cities have been converting one-way streets into two-way streets in light of evidence that they make traffic safer by reducing collisions for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians; reduce crime by decreasing auto theft and robberies; and bolster neighborhood commercial districts by raising property values and increasing visibility for [...]

    2018-03-13 |


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  • Where gentrification is having the biggest impact on cities

    It's not "90210," the TV series about the swanky Beverly Hills neighborhood, but the rich are definitely pouring into another Los Angeles zip code: 90014. That neighborhood is now America's "most gentrified" zip code in the country, even though it's next to the city's Skid Row. "With a 95 percent increase in median household income, it took first place," according to a survey from apartment search website RENTCafé. Yet, it added, "the [...]

    2018-03-11 |


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  • Suicide prevention: Choosing the right word

    A new study reveals the impact of the associative meaning of a single word on how readers subsequently view and refer to suicide. In German, three terms are used to denote suicide - Suizid, Selbstmord ('self-murder') and Freitod ('free death'). A new empirical study shows that the choice of word used in media reports of suicides has a measurable impact on how readers subsequently perceive and evaluate the act of suicide. The study was carried [...]

    2018-03-09 |


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  • What Airbnb Did to New York City

    There are two kinds of horror stories about Airbnb. When they first appeared, the initial cautionary tales tended to emphasize extreme guest (and occasionally host) misbehavior. But as the now decade-old home-sharing platform matured and the number of rental properties proliferated dramatically, a second genre emerged, one that focused on what the service was doing to the larger community: Airbnb was raising rents and taking housing off the [...]

    2018-03-06 |

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  • Europe severe weather: Death toll rises amid freeze

    The death toll from severe weather has risen across Europe, with at least 23 casualties in Poland alone amid sub-zero temperatures, officials say. Shelters have been opened as the plight of rough sleepers is a major concern. More than 60 people have died across the continent, AFP news agency reports. Meanwhile most transport and flights have been suspended in Ireland where thousands were left without power. Several countries continued to face [...]

    2018-03-05 |


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  • Almost all cannabis on Britain's streets 'super strength' and could be driving mental health problems

    Nearly all cannabis on Britain's streets is now super-strength skunk that could be fuelling the rise in mental health problems, scientists have warned. Researchers at King’s College London tested almost 1,000 police seizures from Kent, Derbyshire, Merseyside, Sussex and the capital in 2016 and found 94 per cent were of a dangerously high potency. In 2005 just 51 per cent of cannabis sold on the street was sinsemilla, also known as skunk [...]

    2018-03-02 |


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  • Experts call for specialist medical teams to deal with rapidly ageing population

    At a time when family doctors are at 'saturation point' and facing a crisis in recruitment, new research has revealed that they carry the burden of healthcare of our rapidly ageing population. A Newcastle University, UK, study has shown that people over the age of 85 are more likely to consult their GP for their medical needs. By the age of 90, most primary care consultations are with a GP. The findings, published in BMJ Open, indicate that [...]

    2018-03-01 |


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  • More academics and students have mental health problems than ever before

     In the past few years, a lot of attention has been devoted to mental health on university campuses. Primarily explored from the perspective of students, poor mental health has been reported widely all around the world – it seems university students are not mentally well. Studies show a large proportion of students experience high levels of depressive symptoms. In the UK, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Students – a forum established for [...]

    2018-02-28 |

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