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Registration – tea and coffee served


Plenary session ‘Is public health facing a crisis?’
Chair: Geoff Gallop, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney

The idea for this session sprang from the appearance that the public health establishment appears to be increasingly distanced and at odds with affected populations and seems to have failed to grasp the increasing activism, primarily driven by social media, of better informed groups, who have in some instances seized the initiative and developed responses to issues they face, without the leadership of public health.

Professor Michel Kazatchkine UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Global public health in the changing context of globalization
Susi McLean HIV/AIDS Alliance Mobilising affected communities


Tea and coffee and poster viewing and networking


Panel One ‘Harm reduction is the essence of public health’ – a discussion
Chair: Sir Harry Burns, Professor of Global Health, University of Strathclyde

A panel of four international experts, from different perspectives will examine what contribution harm reduction can and should make to achieving and maintaining public health. Presenters will address the limits of harm reduction, how austerity impacts on harm reduction, how radical can harm reduction be and the role of harm reduction in dealing with alcohol.

Professor Neil McKeganey Centre for Substance Use Research What are the limits of harm reduction? 
Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos Onnasis Cardiology Centre, Greece Austerity and harm reduction 
Dr Ingrid van Beek Kirketon Road Centre, Australia How radical can harm reduction be? 


Lunch and poster viewing and networking


Panel Two ‘Citizen Experts’ doing it for themselves – increased personal autonomy and responsibility for health
Chair: Professor Fatemeh Rabiee-Khan, Birmingham City University, UK

A panel of four international experts, from different perspectives will look critically at the public health response to increasingly knowledgeable, vocal and organised groups that are beginning to seize the initiative in developing and implementing solutions to problems that have traditionally emanated from public health. Accessibility of information and the means to share it, via social media, have largely driven this and in some cases this has created disconnect between policy and practice, with friction between some though leaders in public health and activists. The panel is drawn from activists, NGOs and WHO, addressing issues related to smoking, mental health and drug use.

Jamie Bridge  IDPC  Local actions, global voice
Luc Van Daele Vaper Activist, Belgium Science, politics and citizen activisim: achieving results
Kevin Molloy    Veterans Substance Misuse Case Managment Service
Kevin Fenton 

Public Health England National Director for Health and Wellbeing

Effective engagement to enhance public health


Tea and coffee and poster viewing and networking


Awards and Lecture
Chair: David MacKintosh, London Drug and Alcohol Policy Forum

Installing Patrons of City Health International

Sir Harry Burns Dr Ingrid van Beek Prof. Geoff Gallop 
Prof. Michel Kazatchkine Prof. David Wilson  

Presentation of Paolo Pertica Award - Dave Marsden (Combat Stress)

Alison Chesney and Eddie Killoran Memorial Lecture (see more here)

Harry ShapiroDrugWise‘The Needle and the Damage Done’; drug users, media and stigma

Handover to Basel 2017

Carlo FabianUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland



Drinks Reception and Networking