{videobox}dmJb7ME9Hu4|Global public health in the changing context of globalization - Michel Kazatchkine|, Aaq4XesBkgI|Mobilising affected communities - is public health facing a crisis? - Susi McLean|, 7jcWUDulfqk|What are the limits of harm reduction? - Neil McKeganey|, k4T0Ungukts|Austerity & harm reduction - Konstantinos Farsalinos|, KLqwZ4X8H60|How radical can harm reduction be? - Ingrid van Beek|, V_hiwUbUwQ4|Q&A Session Harm reduction is the essence of public health|, s7bTV4KR33U|Science, politics and citizen activism: achieving results - Luc Van Daele|, IJACGNeNgGo|Support don't punish - an effective campaign to engage and achieve change - Jamie Bridge|, vcc15Cf4XmU|Listening & responding to the needs of military veterans with complex needs - Kevin Molloy|, f7nS8gGNrL4|Effective engagement to enhance public health - Kevin Fenton|, L4qNx2CZQQs|'Citizen experts' doing it for themselves Q&A Session|, 2FAuXPPmQXE|The Paulo Pertica Award 2016|, EHTEOsvGxmI|'The needle and the damage done'. The Alison Chesney & Eddie Killoran Memorial Lecture - Harry Shapiro||break=4,pages=12{/videobox}