{videobox}ehOVz8VIlZw|Memorial Lecture by Madamme Ruth Dreifuss|,MeEUb76-so4|‘Deliberative Democracy’ - new forms of engagement to find the public interestGeoff Gallop|, AWgrsrTADtI| ‘Fast-tracking municipal health responses’ - Tetyana Deshko |, YEFZ_6jKdRk | ‘HCV treatment in Sydney’ - Ingrid van Beek|, lhIw8nEAaaA|’ Making open spaces attractive and useful settings for physical activities across generations in everyday life’ - Gabriela Muri|,B711KGavTEk| ‘Innovative GIS based approaches for healthy city planning’ - Martin Knöll |, 5F6SuxD2mr4| ‘A journey on research-driven physical activity and exercise promotion across lifespan in Basel’ - Lukas Zahner and Lars Donath |break=4,pages=12{/videobox}