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Founded in 2012 City Health International is a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of and response to structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.

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13-14 September 2018, Odesa, Ukraine

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#7: Taking Politics Out of Health

David MacKintosh: For the last two weeks I have been on my travels, combining a holiday with visiting friends and family. This has seen me enjoying the sunshine in Florida, the cherry blossom of Washington DC and the delights of Pittsburgh.

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World News

  • Unsettling ‘hostile architecture’ taking over our cities

    IT’S the mantra of the modern city — increased urban space and pedestrian friendly areas suited to meandering over motoring. But our cities are also being reshaped in a more insidious way. Almost unnoticed, our public spaces are increasingly designed to exclude certain types of people deemed undesirable. “It’s hidden, it’s camouflaged, but its role is to prevent homeless people or people doing activities deemed undesirable from loitering,” [...]

    2018-04-22 |


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  • DEBATE: Will blocking junk food ads on social media help to tackle childhood obesity?

    Caroline Cerny, alliance lead at the Obesity Health Alliance, says YES. Advertising works. The food industry wouldn’t spend millions of pounds a year on advertising if it wasn’t effective. When it comes to children, there is clear evidence that shows the food adverts children see influence the foods they choose and how much food they eat. There are already some restrictions on junk food advertising around TV programmes specifically designed for [...]

    2018-04-21 |


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  • Levels of child poverty in Scotland will be 'without historical precedent'

    NEARLY every child in Scotland whose parents don't have a job will descend into poverty in the next decade, economists have predicted. Benefit cuts mean child poverty in households where no adult is in paid work will reach over 91% by 2027/28, according to a report. Over half of single parents will fall into the most deprived category of “absolute poverty” in the same period, the report compiled for the Scottish Government says. It states: “The [...]

    2018-04-18 |


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  • Suicide Rate Of Students Overtakes Non-Students For First Time

    The suicide rate of students in the UK has overtaken that of non-students for the first time, a new analysis has revealed. Researchers from Hong Kong University analysed figures from the Office for National Statistics and found the suicide rate of students rose by 56% between 2007 and 2016, overtaking the suicide rate of young adults who didn’t attend higher education.The statistics, reported by the BBC, revealed that the UK student suicide rate [...]

    2018-04-14 |


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  • Too many cars, too few supermarkets: how Australia's cities really stack up

    With five cities in the top 20 of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual global liveability survey, Australia boasts some of the most attractive urban environments in the world. In the most recent edition, Melbourne was declared the world’s most liveable city for the seventh year running, with Adelaide fifth, Perth seventh, Sydney 11th and Brisbane 16th. Yet from long commutes and high car dependency to the low provision of affordable housing [...]

    2018-04-13 |


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    Natural neighbourhoods lined with trees, gardens, and flowering plants can be a green “pill” for depression and anxiety, according to the largest study of mental health and nature in British cities. The research, by the Universities of Oxford and Hong Kong (HKU), was the first to use high-resolution aerial photography to give a fresh perspective on the streets of 10 cities in England, Scotland and Wales and probed the mental health of some [...]

    2018-04-11 |


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