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Founded in 2012 City Health International is a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of and response to structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.

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David's blog #25

The Challenge of Sharing and the Danger of One Trick Ponies

A confession. As much as I would hate to be without my iPad or laptop and can barely remember how we got by before the internet opened access to a mind-boggling range of material I still like to read and hoard hard copies of important documents. 

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World News

  • Teenaged girls did not engage in riskier sexual behavior after HPV vaccination introduced in school

    Despite fears to the contrary, sexual behaviours of adolescent girls stayed the same or became safer after publicly funded school-based HPV vaccinations were introduced in British Columbia (BC), according to new research published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). Some groups have been concerned that HPV vaccination could encourage early sexual activity, unprotected sex and other risky sexual behaviours. "The HPV vaccine [...]
    2018-10-17 |


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  • No poverty

    An estimated 766 million people, or 10.7 percent of the world’s population, lived in extreme poverty in 2013. In 2012 the extreme poverty rate stood at 12.4 percent globally, and over the year the number of people living below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day fell by 114 million. Goal 1 aims to end poverty in all its forms by 2030. It also seeks to ensure social protection for poor and vulnerable people, to increase access to basic [...]

    2018-10-15 |


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  • A City That Takes Climate Change Seriously: Paris

    The schoolyard of Paris’s Avenue Daumesnil École Maternelle doesn’t look like the site of a revolution: It’s the modest play space of a state-run kindergarten. But look closer. The yard has just been subtly remodeled to make it better able to tolerate a hotter, wetter world. Over the summer break, its conventional impermeable concrete surfaces were ripped up and replaced with a porous sub-layer that can act as a sponge for stormwater. Over this [...]

    2018-10-14 |

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  • Ireland passes 'groundbreaking' bill to curb excessive drinking

    Ireland passed a landmark bill aimed at reducing alcohol consumption on Wednesday, more than 1,000 days after it was introduced in parliament. The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill will allow for a series of changes to be implemented nationwide, including the introduction of a minimum price per unit of alcohol, restrictions on advertising, separation of alcoholic products from retail areas inside shops and the introduction of cancer warning labels [...]

    2018-10-08 |


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  • Air pollution linked to much greater risk of dementia

    Air pollution may increase the chance of developing dementia, a study has suggested, in fresh evidence that the health of people of all ages is at risk from breathing dirty air. People over 50 in areas with the highest levels of nitrogen oxide in the air showed a 40% greater risk of developing dementia than those with the least NOx pollution, according to the research, based on data from London. The observational study, published in the BMJ [...]

    2018-10-03 |


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  • How Smart Should a City Be? Toronto Is Finding Out

    A data-driven “neighborhood of the future” masterminded by a Google corporate sibling, the Quayside project could be a milestone in digital-age city-building. But after a year of scandal in Silicon Valley, questions about privacy and security remain. On a Tuesday night in August, Jesse Shapins, the director of public realm and culture at Sidewalk Labs, flipped through a set of colorful slides before a public audience in downtown Toronto [...]

    2018-09-30 |


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