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Founded in 2012 City Health International is a network of individuals and organisations engaged in the study of and response to structural health issues and health behaviours in the urban environment.

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City Health international holds an annual international conference, in a different location each year, which examines current policy and practice in relation to public health and health behaviours in cities.

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  • Homelessness fell 24% in three years. How did Connecticut do it?

     It’s been more than two decades since Alison Cunningham joined the effort to tackle homelessness in New Haven. To say much has changed since her work began would be an understatement. As CEO of New Haven’s oldest homeless shelter for single adults, Columbus House, she led its dramatic transformation into a modern facility in her first years. The three-story, 81-bed complex that became the shelter’s new home in 2002 stands in stark contrast [...]

    2017-06-24 |

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  • How to stop city breaks killing our cities

    Can’t wait to pack your bags and head off on holiday again? It used to be that people would look forward to a long break in summer, but now tourists have got used to regular short breaks through the year. We love to jet off to the world’s glittering cities, even if only for a day or two. The trouble is, binge travelling may be killing the places we visit. You may even have seen some “tourists go home” graffiti on your last trip, and it’s not [...]

    2017-06-26 |


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  • We’ve all heard the staggering statistics about food waste. A new study says they’re wrong.

    Say you’re a journalist, and you’ve been assigned a story about food waste. You’re on a deadline, and you need some handy numbers to put a sprawling, overwhelming issue into context. Whether you’re writing about the relationship between hunger and wasted food, the latest scrappy startups, freegans, or the trash generated by social media-induced body shame, odds are good that two factoids will find their way into your work: First, Americans [...]

    2017-06-24 |


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  • The prospects and challenges of urban development

    The global rise of cities has been unprecedented. Every week, nearly 1.5 million people become urban dwellers. By 2050, the urban population will account for more than two-thirds of the world's population. "Cities are evolving faster than ever and encountering unprecedented demographic, environmental, economic and social challenges. Sustainable urban development is the current global priority. However, most cities lack the capacity and [...]

    2017-06-25 |


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  • 2 out of 3 in Africa and South Asia can escape poverty if they finish high school

     As kids, they missed the chance to go to school. Later as teens, they weren’t required to go to high school and for a myriad of reasons, chose to or were forced to work instead. If not for these unfortunate circumstances holding back adults from completing their secondary education, more than half the world’s poor wouldn’t be poverty-stricken, according to a new United Nations agency paper. The effect of secondary education on poverty is [...]

    2017-06-24 |

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  • AIDSVu Maps Illustrate Disproportionate Burden of New HIV Infection among Youth and Communities of Color

    Today, AIDSVu released new interactive maps illustrating the impact of HIV across the United States, showing that two-thirds of all new HIV diagnoses in 2015 occurred in two-and-a-half percent of U.S. counties. Using the latest publicly available data at the city-, county-, and state-levels, these new maps visualize disparities in HIV infections and mortality, both geographically and across different demographic groups. AIDSVu maps illustrate [...]

    2017-06-23 |


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